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Hobbits are so adorable, I fell in love with Frodo in the theater during the Fellowship. Lol. I am a huge Pervy Hobbit Fancier, go check out The Secret Diaries, I don't know how to do Html for links, but I guess just type that in the search. It's halarious ^_^ I love hobbits
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HOLY CRAP I KNOW. i think i am in love with hobbits. they are the cutest things EVER. <3 hehe.
bahahahahaha I want to be a hobbit.
I heart them so.
I read the book, loved em.
Saw the movies, lusted em. ;)
LMAO, exactly! I have a little cardboard stand up thingy with all four of the hobbits. *sigh* I wish they were real...
*pulls hair* I am such a hobbit pervier!!!
:O *envies* I want that standee sooooo bad!
HAHAHA I wish they were real, to. (I'm convinced I'm a hobbit.)
You should have seen me when they found a 'little persons' remains, but they weren't like a midget- they were like, literally, a small person. So they called it a Hobbit. LOL
I was going around "AHHH they're real, they found Bilbo Baggins!!"
ahahahaha, I'm such a wad!
Oh wow how tall was he exactly??? Did he have big feet?!?