E the Bee (princessebee) wrote in hobbitsaresex,
E the Bee

New Community: Kinky Hobbits

... ok, I got enough of a positive response from fellow_shippers to decide to make this new community:

For: Those hobbitsexuals out there who are also into BDSM!
Why: Because I am one of the above mentioned hobbitsexuals into BDSM
Open to: Anyone into hobbits and BDSM - together. This includes het fic, slash fic, RPS, RPH and any combination of all
What: Fiction, discussion, debate and theorising on the hobbits, the hobbit actors and potential BDSM practices of both
Will include: Mature content and very kinky sex
Won't include: Vanilla sex or much attention paid to non-hobbit characters or non-hobbit actors
Cross posted to: I guess you'll find out when you check your communities!

Come along and join up and enjoy!
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